Coming to the Crossroads — Part III


Just prior to leaving for California, I spent a three-day weekend visiting some friends who live on the grounds at the Theosophical Society headquarters. Some heartbreaking drama unfolded that involved my soon-to-be-ex-wife, and the need to clear the air was palpable. This was not “let’s have a good cry” material. This needed to be more visceral than that, more primal. Fixing this required going to deep, dark places. It called for swallowing my pride, ignoring the hungry ghosts and venturing down to sweep up the cellar. Underworld work.

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Coming to the Crossroads — Part II

For a number of months after performing my self-initiation ritual, not much seemed to change. I remained committed to finding ways to expand the scope of my existing magickal practice. I stayed keen for messages from totem spirits. I reflected back on that morning when I felt Hekate’s touch overshadowing me, simultaneously beckoning and reassuring me to take my time. I knew nothing about this mysterious goddess and attempted several times to research Her, but I honestly found what material I was able to dredge up online at the time to be impenetrable—very difficult to make sense of. A lot of it seemed contradictory and I had little success sorting it out. I shelved that idea. (Oddly, when I tried researching Her again months later, suddenly, I found a lot more material to work with. Perhaps Hekate Herself, in Her aspect of Erodia, was holding closed the gates to further knowledge for a time? Who knows?) Continue reading

Coming to the Crossroads – Part I

In this series of posts, I will share salient aspects of the story of how I came to find the Goddess Hekate and ultimately pledge myself to Her service. I have wanted to tell this story ever since I first started this blog, but the problem is that at the time, I was still very much in the middle of it. I found it necessary to wait until the series of events came to a discernible wrapping-up point—and then, to wait quite a bit longer as I mentally and emotionally processed it all. Hindsight is 20/20, and it was only in retrospect that many of these events even began to make sense to me. As an example, the events I will cover in this introductory post seemed to be isolated occurrences at the time; though the ritual I will describe was intended to shake things up a bit and serve as a catalyst, I was totally unprepared for just how thorough that shaking would be. Continue reading

The LBRP: Helpful Hints Part 3

The Vibration of God-Names

This is the portion of the LBRP that gave me the biggest headache while I was still learning the ritual. Many sets of instructions for the LBRP, including the one I started with, simply tell you to “vibrate” the names and leave it that. Being the curious sort, I had trouble proceeding without understanding just what that meant. Continue reading

The LBRP: Helpful Hints Part 2

Generally speaking, a banishing ritual is meant to clear the working space (and here we speak in physical, emotional, mental and spiritual terms) for whatever working comes afterward. Put another way, it also becomes a cue for getting into that special, liminal mindset in which effective magick is performed. Banishing is usually the preliminary to any other magickal work, the idea being that you want to start with pristine working conditions before beginning a magickal ritual. Continue reading